• A mobile unit for multiple applications
  • Solid rubber wheels (Ø 7 ¾ ")
  • Ergonomic handle for ease of use
  • Lid can be secured in vertical position for convenient dispensing / loading
  • Easy handling
  • Can be padlocked (padlock not supplied).
  • Versatile, robust and durable containers with capacities from 19 ¾ US gal
  • Ideal for sand, salt, absorbents and general storage indoors and out
  • Angled lid allows water to run off
  • Heavy-duty
  • Large opening for easy access
  • Proven use in many climates from -95°F to +112°F
  • Laser logo service available
  • Other colors available upon request - Min. order 10 pieces
  • Popular parts: WJ75-COYE, WJ75P-COYE, WJ75-CORE, WJ75P-CORE, WJ75-COGR, WJ75P-COGR.