Fender Mounting Instructions

Mounting Instructions

All fitment of our product must comply with any legislation in force in the country relevant to your circumstances. Please see our section on the European legislation and check for local variants to this law with your local vehicle inspectorate. As there are many ways of fitting mudguards in a satisfactory way we offer commonly used methods and recommendations gained from experience of mudguard manufacture. Please accept these as helpful hints when deciding on the quickest and best method of fitment to ensure the long life of the product.

Single Arch Mounting Instructions

These can be fitted using a variety of methods (see fixings) but the function of the fixings is to support the fender and spread the weight it has to carry. Fenders are exposed to the force of the wind whilst travelling at speed and the weight of heavy flaps which may be full of mud or snow. Therefore correct support from the fixing method will make the fender last much longer and appear pleasing to the eye.

Stay positioning is very important as stays fitted too high give little support and stays fitted at an incorrect distance apart or at any angle other than 90° to the chassis can cause the fender valance to buckle. It is possible to extend the span of a mudguard a little by ´pulling out´ the product on the stays but trying to reduce the span rarely works.

Flat Top Mounting Instructions

The flat top allows for fitment directly to the floor of the body of the vehicle thus saving cost and weight. We recommend fitment to each corner of the fender with a 60 mm washer. Of course, stays can also be used as illustrated in the single arch fenders.

Section Mudguard Mounting Instructions

Primarily used in countries without a spray suppression law. The most commonly found problem here is the rotation of the wing on the single support tube to which it is fitted. The LR650/ JVR- Range offers a tight grip on the stay combined with good support along the length of the fender.

Tandem Mounting Instructions

The one-piece tandem should be fitted with at least three supports.

Tridem Mounting Instructions

The three-piece tridem is assembled by cutting the centre section to the required length and bolting the centre section to the male stubs on the end pieces. Further details are included in the leaflet enclosed with the product. A minimum of 5 fixing points per tridem piece are recommended.