Large Workfloor - 4 Drums

  • The flexible workfloor system is the ideal solution for liquid storage and dispensing areas where frequent access to containers is required
  • Large (63 x 63 ") workfloor units and ramps can be combined and connected in different ways to suit the application
  • Large unit complies with UK European spill pallet regulations
  • Units can be joined together with workfloor connectors, WIN-A272, WIN-A728 & KIT102, to expand the workfloor area
  • Access ramp locks onto workfloor with integrated locating pins
  • Robust and extremely stable
  • Strong, removable polyethylene platform
  • Slip resistant texture
  • All platforms black as standard
  • DIBt (Ü) approved - Download our DIBt (Ü) certified parts list here
  • Popular parts: SJ-300-006, SJ-300-007, SJ-300-010.