Tandem - JT650N
  • Developers and manufacturers of the first one-piece PE heavy duty tandems for heavy vehicles
  • Fully recyclable, chemical resistant, UV-stabilised MDPE
  • A one-piece moulding designed to fit over two axles (JT610, JT650N, JT480N, JT65A & JTP98)
  • Textured (JT650N, JTP98, JT480N & JTZ105) or gloss (JT610 & JT450) surface finish with 3 ribs for extra strength
  • JTZ105 is a two-piece tandem mudguard designed to fit over two axles
  • Available in a range of colours, minimum order of 10 pairs
  • Standard & heavy weight versions available
  • The JT450 tandem is made up of two TR450 sections
  • Popular parts: JT650N, JT480N, JT66, JTZ105.