PSA Anti-Spray Mudflaps

PSA Anti-Spray Mudflaps
  • Embossed high profile logo option
  • Raised matting increases spray absorption
  • Extensive range of sizes
  • Easy to fit
  • Consistent high quality
  • Fully recyclable PE
  • Excellent anti-sail properties
  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Lightweight
  • High spray suppression (80%+)
  • Complies with Regulation (EC) No. 661/2009 implemented by Regulation (EU) No. 109/2011 and amended by Regulation (EU) No. 407/2011.

Minimum order for free logo tooling origination: 200 pieces. Mixing of mudflap sizes acceptable but minimum 25 pieces each mudflap size (Where each size carries the same size logo). Logo re-orders require 100 pieces although mudflap size mixing is acceptable as above.
Logo flaps are priced individually at the time of logo origination. Smaller orders of over 100 pieces may be considered but would incur a surcharge. Anti-Spray flaps without logo can be ordered in any quantity - non-stocked min. order 25 pieces.