JFP7 - Double Fire Extinguisher Stand

  • A range of double fire extinguisher stands
  • These fire stands keep extinguishers off the floor, offer a clear visual marker in emergency, and deter theft or movement of extinguishers to an unapproved position
  • Suitable for 1 x 6-9 kg extinguisher and 1 x 2 kg CO2 extinguisher
  • Suitable for all portable extinguishers
  • Ideal for public buildings, offices, hotels, exhibitions, etc.
  • Non-slip design
  • Immediate access in case of emergency
  • Strong and durable
  • Modern ergonomic design
  • Labels not included
  • Optional extras: Colour, CO2/Foam Labels (KIT-LAB-FOAM-CO2)
  • Popular parts: JFP7, JFP7-MG10.