FirePorter - Portable Top Loader

FirePorter - Portable Top Loader
  • Strong durable design
  • Lightweight
  • Centre bar allows for product to be hanged on a hook inside a vehicle
  • Buckle web straps for use as backpack carrying system
  • Ideal for hands-free transporting of 6-9 kg extinguishers when repairing flat roofs
  • For 6 kg (65 Series) / 9-12 kg (75 Series) fire extinguishers up to 180 / 230 mm Ø
  • Fully recyclable, chemical resistant, UV-stabilised MDPE
  • Popular parts: JBFS65, JBFS75.

Torch-on membranes should only be installed by a competent applicator used to applying hot bonding methods. The necessary fire extinguishers and fire precautions must be on hand and the operatives trained or familiar with their use. Any contractor who does not take precautions is liable to prosecution under Health & Safety Law.