90 Series Front Loader Fire Extinguisher Box

90 Series
  • Strong, durable front loading boxes for 12 kg fire extinguishers
  • Access options: plastic toggle(s) OR break-glass facility
  • Feet for use when free-standing (KIT52)
  • Suitable for indoor / outdoor use
  • UV blocking moulded-in polycarbonate windows
  • Wall mountable
  • Label(s) supplied loose
  • Automotive grade rubber seal
  • Left or right hinged mounting
  • Wooden base plate
  • Other colours available upon request - Min. order 10 pieces
  • Popular parts: JBKE90, JBKG90, JBKR90, JBKY90.

Also available as Safety Boxes - see Downloads / Product Data for information, noting that Safety Boxes come without any restraints/straps.

K Series
Break-glass fitment
The key for the cabinet is located behind a clear plate, which is held in place with two plastic fasteners. In an emergency, the clear plate can be broken away, providing access to the key for the cabinet. A new clear plate can be re-attached using the same plastic fasteners.

Optional factory fitted alarm
OPTIONAL FACTORY FITTED ALARM: A reed switch activated 95 dB self-contained 9 V alarm with three minute automatic reset upon activation. Alarm does not interfere with use of equipment. To order, add the letter ‘A’ after a part number, e.g. JBWE70A.