Concrete Washout System

AWAYWASH - Concrete Washout System

AWAYWASH is the first on-board polyethylene system for ready-mix concrete truck chute washout. This patented design allows to wash the chute in compliance with environmental requirements while avoiding risks of contamination and penalties/fines. The product is light, sturdy and easy to maintain as concrete does not adhere to it.


Protects the environment:
  • Avoids chute washout water spillage on the ground
  • Prevents alkaline pollutions and soiling at the delivery point
  • Removes harmful washout water from construction sites
  • Prevents contamination of underground and surface water
  • Allows to catch and re-use the washout water
  • Supports sustainable development policies
  • Facilitates compliance with environmental regulations
  • Fully recyclable, chemical resistant, UV-stabilised MDPE
  • Separates water from aggregates for easy recycling

  • Reduces water consumption: allows batching plants to re-use the washout water
  • Reduces water treatment/disposal related costs
  • Lighter than metal alternatives, optimises payload

  • Allows to wash the chute anytime and anywhere
  • Time saving : No waiting at washout areas on work sites
  • Easy to install, handle and use

Simple and durable:
  • Easy to maintain
  • No mechanical parts
  • Easy to clean : non-adherent/non-stick material and smooth surfaces
  • Non-corroding polyethylene moulding
  • Trouble free patented design with EU Design Registration


  • Various fitment options (M8 x 15)
  • Bead feature allows easy alignment of conspicuity tape
  • Conspicuity tape supplied as standard
  • Integrated sieve with incorporated handles acts as a water baffle during transit and prevents any water escaping
  • 750 mm flexible hose for easy emptying
  • Can be retro-fitted
  • Industrial quality mouldings, resists knocks and scuffing
  • Popular parts: CCRT-TS-YE, CCRT2-TS-YE, CCRT-S-YE, CCRT-K

The unique design collects the washout waste and separates the coarse material in a robust sieve designed for easy emptying. At the batching plant, the containment tank is simply emptied through gravity by lowering the hose towards the settlement pits. There are no mechanical parts that could jam or require costly maintenance.

Cement powder, workable concrete and grout are extremely alkaline. Concrete also contains chromium, which is potentially polluting not only to watercourses but also to groundwater. Trucks, hoppers, mixers and concrete pumps that have contained concrete must be washed out in a contained area away from watercourses, surface water drains, storm water drains, grids and channels to prevent pollution. Where possible, store and reuse washout water.

Washing out ready-mixed concrete trucks on-site
The Environment Agency publishes Pollution Prevention Guidelines, including PPG6 'Working at construction and demolition sites', a guideline that is intended to assist with those in the construction and demolition industry. This states that precautions must be taken to ensure the complete protection of watercourses and groundwater against pollution. Further, it states that 'Suitable provision should be made for the washing out of concrete mixing plant or ready-mixed concrete lorries. Such washings must not be allowed to flow into any drain or watercourse.' Ready-mixed concrete trucks should not be allowed to wash out anywhere other than the areas designated for the purpose.

AWAYWASH - Concrete Washout System AWAYWASH - Concrete Washout System AWAYWASH - Concrete Washout System AWAYWASH - Concrete Washout System AWAYWASH - Concrete Washout System AWAYWASH - Concrete Washout System AWAYWASH - Concrete Washout System AWAYWASH - Concrete Washout System